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Markets and mulled wine

BySophie Finch

Dec 1, 2019

It’s arrived. Christmas in Edinburgh is simply the best time of the year, (differing opinions not welcome) and its time to get out and enjoy what the city has to offer. This week I visited Edinburgh’s renowned Christmas markets to take a much-needed break from scrolling through social media in the library.

First things first, the markets are free to enter, and some of the stalls offer tasters, so for those not looking to spend anything, or simply looking for some festive inspiration, there’s still fun to be had. But if you’re looking for something a bit more substantial there are some enticing food huts. ‘The Mac Shack’ was a personal highlight, starting at £6 for a very generous portion of their three-cheese mac ‘n’ cheese topped with crispy onions. I opted to splurge £7 for their ‘Posh Mac’ with truffle oil and parmesan, the extra £1 is worth it, potentially the best I’ve ever had, sorry mum. Best of all, it’s served in compostable tubs so you can enjoy it without worrying about single use plastics.

The markets are also vegan friendly. ‘The Caravan of Courage’ has an entirely plant-based menu offering all kinds of vegan junk food, from hot dogs to mac ‘n’ cheese. And as if roast dinners couldn’t get any better, this year there’s the exciting addition of Yorkshire pudding wraps.

After insisting I physically couldn’t eat anymore, I opted for donuts covered in Nutella for the walk home. Four covered donuts came in at £6 so they’re a great option for sharing. Other options include, hot cookie dough, churros, waffles and basically every sweet carb you could ever want.

Equally, why not wonder round with a cup of mulled wine and look at the stools to get you feeling festive? The Christmas markets are a great place to window shop. The traditional stalls are great fun to explore, I personally love all the nutcrackers, those of you who grew up watching Barbie and the Nutcracker will understand why.

There are some great options for Christmas shopping, from foodie gifts, to alcohol, to some surprisingly reasonably priced scarves. I was particularly tempted by some tea light holders that go underneath your tea to keep it warm, before my friend reminded me that there’s no way I’d go the effort of actually lighting it. To be honest she might be right there.

For the full market experience, there’s a great time to be had on the rides. The Star Flyer was my favourite, getting an alarming proximity to the Scots Monument. The Big Wheel was a more relaxing experience. With best views of the city and the Christmas lights I’d be sure to go in the evening.

If you’re looking for some pure unadulterated fun, check out the Christmas tree maze, it’s the ideal spot for that perfect Instagram photo. And don’t forget the notorious Edinburgh residents 20% discount! So, what are you waiting for? Go and treat yourself to that festive feeling.


Image: Billy McCourt via Flickr