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ME Time: Lifestyle’s Maya Sargent and Emma Gill take on the world of podcasting

ByMaya Sargent

Mar 4, 2021

It’s hard to believe the origins of our podcast ME Time, because it genuinely began with a throw-away comment on FaceTime whilst baking brownies (that’s just what life has come to *sigh*): ‘let’s start a podcast.’

A month later, it has become a fascinating, addictive and wonderful passion project that we are obsessed with.

Both of us have always loved listening to podcasts and have found them integral to remaining sane whilst at university and during lockdown. They are a great way to build a community and act as a source of companionship, especially in the current virtual world. Podcasts have integrated themselves comfortably into our daily routines, providing the best version of escapism. There is a certain joy in listening to a podcast that momentarily allows you to dissociate, whilst also subconsciously absorbing inspiration and information – so, naturally, we decided to make our own.

ME Time is a lifestyle/culture podcast that vocalises our adventures and experiences with adulthood, as we navigate our way through the ever-changing environment of the 21st century. We hope we can engage with wider audiences as we discuss whatever is on our minds including university, childhood, relationships, future plans, whilst simultaneously creating a sense of community as we try to manage the mindset that is ‘adulthood’.

Our weekly episodes strike a balance between our chosen theme, our favourite pop culture moments of the week and a weekly cultural recommendation, and are released every Monday morning to start the week. With many ideas in the pipeline, future episodes will look into mental health, body image, hustle culture and the battle of productivity. We hope to invite guests onto our show in future to expand our discussions and open up the conversation as we delve further into the inner mechanics of life in your twenties. As we welcome you into our weekly chat, our goal is to keep our content relatable, enjoyable and relevant. There should be something for everyone.

We’d love your support in this little passion project of ours and you can find ME Time on all of your favourite podcast platforms, and on Instagram: @metime_podcast

We look forward to welcoming you to our community of listeners.

Love, Maya and Emma x

Illustration: Maya Sargent and Emma Gill. A purple background, with an illustration of two females and the podcast logo: ‘ME Time’ underneath.