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Miley, Lana and Ariana collaboration is a spectacular flop

ByNiamh Cullen

Sep 30, 2019

We all hoped ‘Don’t Call Me Angel’ would see Miley, Ariana and Lana joining forces to create a smash pop anthem for the ages. However, the reality of this collaboration is that it is a crushing disappointment that leaves us yearning for Destiny’s Childs ‘Independent Women’, forever the holy grail of Charlie’s Angels film singles.

The song limply kicks off with a distant sounding tune reminiscent of a local ice cream van as it drives up your street. Lana’s brief solo in the track is the only redeeming part, and the song seems to consolidate the opinion that Ariana is simply not a collaboration artist. During her sections, we struggle to hear anything other than her talented but somewhat repetitive runs with no creativity. Miley’s portion is just as forgettable.

Lana being in the mix mirrors Kristen Stewart’s involvement in the new Charlie’s Angels film, you’re not sure how or why she’s there, but you’re thankful for it. The combination of artists feels disjointed, to say the least, and clearly sounds like a lazy marketing ploy rather than anything akin to true creative artistry.

The listener is left feeling that the thought process behind it was akin to a school table where Miley, Ariana and Camila Cabello were all sitting together talking too loudly and the teacher put Lana in between them and threw Camilla out of the classroom.

I imagine that’s what the executives did here.

Image: Ariana Grande/Youtube

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