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Morrissey covers The Pretender’s Back On The Chain Gang

In 1982 the Pretenders released the song ‘Back on the Chain gang’. The song was a product of the singer – Chrissie Hynde – and the lead guitarist, in order to pay tribute to the other band members who were struggling with drug abuse.

Almost 20 years later this pop classic is covered by Morrissey. Known for his unique singing style and controversial lyrics, the former Smiths frontman is immediately recognisable when hearing the cover. The song is quite similar to the original track, in part due to Morrissey’s close relationship with Chrissy Hynde. The only differences are some lyrical differences and some louder and more intense sounds. This is due to the fact that, as Morrissey said to Rolling Stone, ‘I didn’t ever see the lyrics correctly printed because I wanted to sing them as I had always thought they were.’

Performing a cover of a song is critical, as it can have an unpredictable outcome. One can never be sure if the cover will be better than the original, or a disappointing replica.


Image: Ralph_PH via Wikimedia Commons

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