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Motion to make universities more inclusive of people of colour passed

ByPolly Smythe

Feb 13, 2017

The motion “Making Universities More Inclusive of People of Colour” has been passed with an overwhelming mandate.

After the motion failed to get more than 67 per cent at student council on February 2, it went to an online ballot. At the online ballot there were 468 votes recorded, with 421 votes for, 51 votes against and two abstentions.

The motion was proposed by BME students Diva Mukherji and Sophie B Alal, who put forward the idea to NUS delegates Natasha Ion, Ceridwen Ball, Nuri Syed Corser, Megan Atkins and Olly Masters. It was then supported by the Students’ Association Liberation Convenors.

Diva Mukherji had this to say: “The motion is important because our university continues to uphold traditions of institutionalised racism and glorify colonialism; it is essential to make the university more inclusive and considerate of BME experiences and voices”

This motion allows NUS Scotland delegates to take the motion to the NUS Scotland Conference.

More to follow … 

This article was edited 14/02/17 to correct the online ballot figures. 

Image Credit: Wikimedia

By Polly Smythe

Polly is the former President of The Student, having previously been Comment Editor and then Editor-in-Chief.

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