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Mr Market

BySuzanne Donin

Oct 14, 2014

Mr Market, in his hedonistic youth, was an avid consumer of the fantasy genre. Books, films, the televisual, board and video games, all were used in the quest to defeat this or that Great Evil. Indeed, Mr Market fondly recalls battle after battle fighting orcs, ogres and vampires long into the night, and believes that a major victory against a high-level warg is why he loves mergers and acquisitions to this day.

Now, Mr Market says with unabashed glee, there is a new great evil that stalks the land, stretching its grasping hands ever outwards to trap helpless innocents in its merciless grasp. It steals from the poor and gives to the rich, answers to no authority other than itself, and has inspired whole grassroots political movements against it. Despite all appearances to the contrary, this description does not refer to Mr Market’s latest attempts to run for a position in EUSA.

Mr Market is, of course, referring to the European Union’s attempt to claw back what it sees as tax evasion by Amazon in a 2003 ‘sweetheart deal’ with Luxembourg. Mr Market has taken the diplomatic decision to make no comment on whether Amazon or the EU is the evil one.


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