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My take on getting student discounts

ByTasha Brookes

Nov 7, 2022
sticker on window that says 'wow, 20% student discount' in red

Especially during a cost of living crisis, navigating uni life on top of managing jobs is getting increasingly difficult.  However, as we all know, being a student entitles you to many discounts, bargains and freebies. Although, sometimes it’s impossible to work out which ones are worthwhile and which 5% off deal is making you buy something you don’t actually need. I have rounded up some of what I think are the best deals available at the moment. 

1:Lidl 5kg waste not boxes 

 Lidl are currently offering 5kg boxes of veg that would’ve otherwise gone to waste for just £1.50. This is a serious deal that not only saves you a lot of money, but also combats the increasingly troublesome issues of food waste. Alongside this, since these vegetables are past their sell by date, Lidl have also created a booklet of ways to preserve the longevity of your veg, such as how to correctly freeze vegetables. On top of this, they have created recipes on how to mix your collated box of veg to make delicious soups, and freezer bag mixes ready to be added to pasta sauces. 

2:LNER trains. 

This is something I only discovered through TikTok. (TikTok seems like the source of all knowledge nowadays). LNER has teamed up with Unidays to offer full-time students 40% off their commute to and from home. Not only this, but it can be used on top of a student railcard! This will lend itself to (hopefully) immense savings and going home might not need to be planned out months in advance. I have found myself previously booking my train three months ahead to avoid high prices, only to have to cancel it the week before for an exam.  

3: O2 priority deals; 

Whilst this doesn’t apply to everyone, this is something I was only introduced to from a friend a year ago, and had no idea I was open to freebies from my phone contractor. (I’ve heard from friends on other phone subscriptions that they too are also offered rewards from their respective subscriptions). But with o2, not only are you given access to early bird concert tickets, free cloakroom and one free drink at any 02 venue, but you are also given the option to claim, one free sausage roll (and a bacon one too) from greggs, and also one free cup of coffee per week! As well as access to free drinks at certain pubs (subject to availability). It is something I have definitely used and am always making friends envious in doing so! 

4: Unidays 

Unidays, they have hundreds of deals, which can be somewhat overwhelming when finding somewhere to eat. A good tip to know, which perhaps could be saved for next year, is throughout the month of September, Unidays and Barburitto have a £1 deal for the first few weeks of uni. It entitles you to any classic burrito, with any fillings for just £1. With Barburitto being just round the corner of George Square, it’s a perfect midday lunch stop. 

5: Pizza express deals  

Pizza express app holders are able to have access to an array of deals. I visited the new restaurant in Edi last week and was able to have buy-one-get-one free on any classic or romana pizza, alongside free dough balls. This meant I ended up saving £25, and sharing it with a friend meant it was £6 each; a steal.

Photo Credit: “wow 20 percent student discount” by Andy M Johnson is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.