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Myra’s Story — Review

ByAsh Tomkins

Aug 17, 2021

Venue: Spiegeltent Palais Du Variete, Assembly Festival, George Sq. Gardens 

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

When was the last time you looked someone on the street in the eyes?

The play opens in darkness, with a chirpy, fresh voice: “rise and shine”. As a single central spotlight shines onto a bench, Myra introduces herself with a feisty response; ‘I’m dead, fuck off’.

Myra describes herself as a Monument of Dublin, an invisible woman. Her story is that of a woman struggling with ‘the beast’ of alcoholism, inherited from her father, with the audience soon discovering that her life has been an effort in vain to prove him wrong. 

Written by Brian Foster and performed by Fìonna Hewitt-Twamley, Myra’s Story is extremely clever. A one woman show of sorts manages to introduce us to a variety of characters in 90 minutes of captivating performance. Foster intertwines the emotional turmoil of a misunderstood woman living on the streets with wit, laughter, Bob Dylan and a heartfelt garden gnome. 

Myra’s Story serves to remind us that Myra is not alone, nor is this story fictional. Hewitt-Twamley’s performance complimented the character so seamlessly, transitioning between past and present, gripping the audience with emotion, challenging us to question our compassion for those we walk past every day. 

Myra’s Story begs us to release notions and stigmas surrounding homelessness and addiction, daring us to take time to listen to people’s stories. When was the last time you walked past a Myra? Myra lets us into her world, simply asking us to listen. A must see, Myra’s Story is gripping, heartfelt, and hilarious. 

This production, as well as being a fantastic piece of drama, also encourages audiences to support homeless and addiction charities in Edinburgh, including the Social Bite and Steps to Hope:

Dates: August 6-10,12-17, 19-24, 26-29. 12:30. 1 hour 30 minutes
Image: Hannah Bradley (public image) courtesy of Assembly Festival.