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Netflix Pick: Easy

ByRuth Connaughton

Oct 4, 2016

Easy is a Netflix original series with a refreshingly unfiltered and realistic take on relationships and life. Each episode follows a different group of people and therefore a wide variety of issues can be addressed. For example, a girl tries and fails to follow a vegan diet because that is what she thinks her girlfriend wants, or a father-to-be attempting to juggle married life with his new illegal brewery venture.

It is effortlessly hilarious and the naturalistic script makes you all the more invested in the characters, as you genuinely feel they could be people that you engage with in day-to-day life. Every one of the storylines is remarkably unique and creative, which rather than coming across as far-fetched actually makes them a lot more believable.

You begin to think that nobody could possibly imagine them so they must be true, preventing even the slightest hint of cliché. Dave Franco makes an appearance, alongside a mixture of other famous names as well as lesser known but equally talented actors.

Image:Global Panorama @ Flickr

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