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Netflix Pick: Freaks and Geeks

ByJoanne Rodger

Mar 15, 2017

The unjustly cancelled high school anti-heroes are back on our screens! Featuring the young and oh so handsome James Franco alongside the likes of ‘How I met your mother’ star Jason Segel and the infamous Seth Rogen. The series revolves around 16-year-old Lindsay Weir and her group of ‘freaks’ close at hand to her younger sibling, 13-year-old Sam and his band of ‘geeks’.

Ultimately, they are all trying to find their place in the world whilst coping with the hardships of typical teenage life such as romance, exams, college applications and gym class.This 90’s cult classic series gives a unique insight into high school life from those who didn’t quite fit in. Unlike most high school series, Freaks and Geeks is not preachy, cliched or overly concerned about ‘homecoming’.

Every episode captures the horrors of high school and the frustrations of adolescence that frankly, we all faced. If high school wasn’t ‘the best years of your life’ then I highly recommend this amusing yet quirky 18-episode depiction of the high school experience.

By Joanne Rodger

Fanatic history lover & Literature addict. Proud Scot and prospectus student.

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