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Netflix Pick: Glitch (WARNING SPOILERS)

ByEllie Burgin

Oct 25, 2016

New Australian paranormal drama Glitch follows James Hayes, a local policeman, as he is called out to a cemetery in the middle of the night. To his shock, he finds six seemingly deranged figures there who have recently risen from the dead.

Unsure of their own identities, James takes them back, along with a paramedic, to the local surgery. As they scrub up, washing off the dirt and re-clothing themselves, James is aghast to discover that one of the risen is in fact his late wife, Kate.

This interesting twist overcomes him with emotion and he rushes out with her in an attempt to get to the bottom of the strange goings on. The first episode ends on a cliff-hanger, as we discover that James has remarried and is expecting a child – what will he do now Kate is back in the picture?

The episode introduces an intriguing yet not particularly original storyline and, it has to be said, the acting does little to assert its credibility. For me, Glitch is is a series with potential – but a lack of execution. 

Image: Global Panorama @ Flickr

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