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Netflix Pick: Rebellion

ByJemma Hoolahan

Oct 11, 2016

One hundred years after the Easter Rising in Ireland the new TV mini-series Rebellion opens at the outbreak of World War One, before focusing on the ensuing tensions in Ireland. The entire episode takes place in Dublin and was filmed on set with sweeping views of the city and bustling streets.

The class tensions are immediately drawn to the viewers’ attention by the character of Elizabeth (Charlie Murphy). Her desire to escape her rich, pro-English childhood however appears to be driven by romance and a socialist, Jimmy (Brian Gleeson). May (Sarah Green) similarly steals a document for the rebels, but again her actions are driven by the jealousy present when the wife of Hammond (Tom Turner) – with whom she is having an affair – arrives. It is slightly disappointing to see important female characters linked to romance so early on. Despite the melodrama, the story is so far compelling.

Image: Global Panorama @ Flickr

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