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Netflix Pick : Top of the Lake

ByNiamh Anderson

Nov 8, 2016

I did not actually think there could be much left on Netflix that I had not watched. Little did I know. Top of the Lake is set in a remote mountain town in New Zealand, and the first thing that grabs you about it is the beautiful scenery. But once you get in deeper than that, it is the characters and the boundary-pushing storyline that grip you.

Elisabeth Moss plays Robin Griffin, who returns home to care for her sick mother but becomes heavily involved in the case of a missing, and pregnant, 12-year-old called Tui. Many female detectives are portrayed as hard and emotionless, and although at first glance she meets this stereotype, there is more to her character’s story than meets the eye.

Although not subtle, Top of the Lake was praised for its careful handling of rape – a crime drama that nevertheless focuses equally on controversial topics such as this. It might not be the most famous programme on Netflix – but it is definitely one of the best.

Image : Global Panorama @ Flickr

By Niamh Anderson

Niamh is a fourth-year History student, who was Editor in Chief in her second year. She spends her ‘free’ time researching women’s lives and performing emotional labour by explaining emotional labour to men.

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