New Beabadoobee lacks her original sound

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Whenever an artist whose career began purely on YouTube or SoundCloud announces a full studio album, it can create a certain type of nervousness. Indie pop artists like Clairo tend to abandon their lo-fi aesthetic in their debut favouring a more generic, sometimes overproduced, pop sound. This always feels like a loss: these artists thrived in a world outside the structures of professional studios, and often fail to translate their individual sound to that faster-paced environment.

This phenomenon can be seen on the new Beabadoobee single ‘Worth It’, off of her upcoming debut album. While Beabadoobee was never as lo-fi as Clairo, her early work did embody a stripped back bedroom pop sensibility. This song, however, leans much less towards a moody, pop-rock sound, both in writing and production. Her energetic performance is complimented with heavy, electronically tinged drums and a distorted guitar.

The song is by no means bad – Beabadoobee’s performance retains a lot of what made her earlier work so compelling. It does, however, suggest that her debut effort might sadly fall into the trap so many other debut albums do.

Image: Johnny Louis via Getty Images