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ByKate Walker

Sep 19, 2014

New sounds can be hard to come by and even harder to maintain. Tracks with plenty of potential and a fresh vibe are the tracks that make you excited about a new band. And yet, as much as each track that fills these criteria is special in its own right, it is more often the case that a single track is all that comes from a new and developing band – a slice of, and not the whole, cake – remains a repetitive disappointment.

“Serotonin Sarah” by Emergency Door Release is one of those tracks. Melodic, polished and emitting a distinctly independent vibe, the track is a solid single. Not too fast and not too slow, “Serotonin Sarah” straddles speeds to make it a listen for several occasions: there’s room for it in the gym, a stylish pub, and as background sound in your own room. Similar to Spector’s sound in many ways, there’s a kick to this single that makes it listenable over and over again. To give the world a track with potential and not follow it up is indeed a disappointment, but this in no way detracts from the quality of the single itself.

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