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New year, New Gym Gear: The Hottest Gym Trends of 2016

ByParisa Hashempour

Jan 20, 2016
Image by: Adidas

It’s 2016 and this year your fitness routine is definitely going to work. You will be Millie Mackintosh by summer. But before you step out onto that running machine remember that above all else, the gym is a fashion runway and you better dress to impress if you want to fit in with Edinburgh’s sporty trendsetters. Nothing looks better with sweat than impeccably put together gym gear. If you’re starting to panic, don’t you worry; I’ve lined up some of the hottest trends for this year.

The Do-gooder

Have you donated blood? Volunteered? Great! Then this is the trend for you. Sport your favourite baggy charitable t-shirt with some lycra gym leggings and your look is complete. This do-gooding trend has been around for a while now and shows no signs of slowing down. Nod and wink knowingly at your fellow volunteers as you strut through the changing rooms.

The True Fashionista

To complete this look you will have to put some real effort into your choice of attire. I’m talking matching trainers and sports bra. You will see these gym bunnies sporting (pun intended) the likes of ‘Stella McCartney by Adidas’ or ‘Sweaty Betty’. Make sure to also walk around George Square and Tesco so that everyone can fully appreciate how well put-together your outfit is. Careful not to get too red in the face as this may clash with your pink gym gear.

The Club Gal

This trend requires maximum effort to create an effortlessly sporty look. It’s one of the more difficult looks to achieve, as you will probably have to join some kind of sports club. After you have joined your club of choice, make sure you wear the club t-shirt around the gym at all times. This will make sure that everyone knows that you’re a sporty person just in case your incredibly toned legs don’t make it clear enough. Remember to high five fellow sports club members as you pass them in the gym.

The Sporty Hipster

The good news is that those day-to-night hipster-esque outfits that you’ve been donning all day in the library and all night in Cab-Vol can also work in the gym, minus the high waisted jeans. Just throw on an oversized Fred Perry t-shirt or a retro Tommy Hilfiger jumper (the more bobbles the better) and you’re good to go. Accessorise with some classic Nike gym leggings and leather Reebok trainers covered in last night’s disco slime. Things can get sweaty in the gym so keep that hair off your face in a high ponytail using a big velvet scrunchie. It may seem heavyweight and cumbersome, but trust me it looks amazing.

The Gym Goth

This is the look for you if you really want to look like you mean business. When you’re dressed head to toe in black, nobody will jump in front of you at the water fountain. A trend for the tough guys, this look is very simple to achieve. Just make sure that you remember to bring a black towel, because you need to maintain the gym persona at all times if you want to truly work this fashionable trend.

And there you have it. Choose any of these amazing gym-wear looks and you’re sure to get fit in no time. However, if you just don’t feel that any of the 2016’s top gym trends are for you then don’t be afraid to make your mark. The gym is a place to let loose and stretch yourself out a little, so go wild and show them your own style. Who knows, you could even be the leading face of ‘Edinburgh University Gym Fashion 2017’.


Image: Adidas

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