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Next in Fashion

ByJasna Mason

Feb 25, 2020

Historically, the world of the competition series has been full of drama and rivalry. This is particularly the case in fashion shows, which have spawned plenty of memorable quotes and memes, so it’s refreshing to see that Next in Fashion is a reality series following a more wholesome style not dissimilar to that of The Great British Bake Off. There’s plenty of drama, sure – it’s very American in its presentation, full of tears and shouting and teams not always getting along, but overall it’s also full of support and of people embracing their identities and cultures in the fashion they produce.

The designers all work terrifically hard. They have about two five-hour days to design and create up to two outfits, working in teams of two. But you won’t find a stray thread here: the clothes are always amazing. Every episode is an absolute visual spectacle and it’s thrilling watching the process, from sketch to fabric to final piece. It feels impossible to look away.

There’s a bit of a problem with the format, though, and that’s the team allocation. Many of the teams know each other, and have done for years, while some teams are meeting for the first time, and the disparity in success between these different relationships is obvious. The pairs who know each other unsurprisingly find it much easier to collaborate, which sadly sets up an immediate advantage. Hopefully with any further series, they might look at changing this. Although it is sweet to see long-time friends supporting each other, too.  

Tan France and Alexa Chung make for good hosts bouncing off each other. They’re clearly invested in the contestants and what’s going on, constantly admiring pieces to the point where Tan even tries on a suit jacket at one point (and, no shock, looks great in it). They’re dedicated to making sure all of their decisions are unanimous, to the point where Tan France breaks down in tears after a challenge where the judges can’t agree. It’s endearing to see the judges care so much about the contestants and about making the right decisions.

Finally, the competitors are great. Angel and Minju are hard-working and sweet, often not choosing to complain in situations where others do, and Angelo cuts a striking figure in his all leopard-print outfit. Some are a little too prone to whining, but for the most part, you actively support all of them and the hard work they put into every challenge.

So, if you’re in search of something to lift your spirits, full of colour and just enough drama to keep things interesting, opt for Next in Fashion.


Image: via pixabay