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Nicki Minaj – Trufflebutter

ByRobert Anderson

Mar 3, 2015
Image courtesy of huffingtonpost.com

“Trufflebutter”, the new track by Nicki Minaj, is the song you’ll sort of remember from the night before at the club – yeah, that one: the one after your tenth shot when your head’s in the club bathroom toilet. Slightly indistinguishable from the last song. The song features both Drake and Lil Wayne, although it’s still unclear if anyone knows the difference.

All three contributors make average quality, generic contributions to the track: something about money, something about vaginae (yes, that is the plural, I googled it), something else about money. It highlights everything poor and unremarkable about the last remnants of hip-hop and rap that exists in modern music, lacking all concepts of originality and art.

Nicki Minaj yet again puts another nail in the coffin of art, continuing the transformation of music into a collection of mainstream sounds that are drilled into your completely numbed brain.

By Robert Anderson


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