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Nights of the Hunter

ByNicol Ogston

Nov 9, 2015

Ever wondered what links a soldier who fought in Iraq, a group of ‘lads’, and a late night animal imitator who hunts foxes at a quarry? Simple: a man with a telescope and a rather non-original idea.

The idea simply is that as hunters, no matter the scenario, they intrinsically behave in a similar way. This is aptly demonstrated throughout BBC  Four’s Nights of the Hunter, a Sweet Talk production, produced by Jeremy Osborne.

In a brief documentary-style exploration, Jarvis uncovers what brings together hunters and the hunted in the dark expanses of life. The shifting dynamics play out through a story of military scenarios, as well as the sinister streets of a night out in Hull.

It is likely to offend some – especially where our ‘lads’ are concerned-but with the right intention. It keeps the curious mind of human interaction locked in for the full half-hour.

Grasp your telescope, observe and travel through the dark expanse of hunter vs. hunted.

Image: Loren Kerns

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