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Nightvision brings the Belgian duo to Liquid Rooms

ByOlivia Morgan

Oct 31, 2014
Image: sonar.es

Nightvision presents: 2ManyDJs

Liquid Rooms 18/10/14

Edinburgh may be a capital city, both geographically and culturally, but by no means is it renowned for its clubbing scene. With most of its student population content with a poorly curated night of sweaty debauchery in The Hive or an ironic evening of Hip-Hop in Bongo, there seems to be little market for the more niche and experimental. Sneaky Pete’s, a venue with a markedly more inspiring weekly programme is a single room with a miniscule capacity of one hundred people, and its size speaks volumes about the demand, or lack thereof, for something a bit different in the city’s nightclubs.

Nightvision is certainly the most exciting thing to happen to Edinburgh’s nightlife recently, taking its monotony as a challenge rather than a sentence, thanks to the collaboration of house and techno promoters Musika and long-established bass music outfit Xplicit. Self-styled as a ‘genre-defying’ showcase of the best in techno, house, bass and electronica, Nightvision began in mid-September and will run until New Year’s Eve. The series has set out to bring a melange of fresh faces and world-renowned names to some of the Edinburgh’s best venues, including the recently reopened La Belle Angele and the impressive Corn Exchange, with big names like Chase & Status, Bondax, Joy Orbison Annie Mac and 2manyDJs helping to hype the string of events.

Nightvision and the Belgian brothers that comprise 2manyDJs took over The Liquid Rooms to play a two hour set in their uniform white tuxedos, with remixes appropriately spanning various genres and decades; certainly an aspect in keeping with the vision of the club series. Their eclectic mixes make their sets particularly fun to see live, a glorious collection of records you have loved and since forgotten, sandwiched between new and current remixes.

For years, the duo’s live shows have been characterised by the visual show that usually provides an accompaniment to their remixes, where album covers are animated on enormous screens which frame the mix-desk. It is without a doubt one of the most entertaining and unique features of the 2manyDJs experience, but unfortunately as this appearance is DJ set rather than a full live affair, their astonishing visuals were sadly missed. Their absence was noticeable, and not just in obvious terms of its visual effect, but in terms of atmosphere, which lacked the excitement and anticipation partly contributed by the visual show.   

Also disappointing was the supporting DJ, Hostage; a home grown ‘up and comer’ presented by Nightvision. The major problem was that by the nature of the night’s veteran headliners, no one was there to see him play and so the crowd were paying minimal attention, but granted, the set was fundamentally unengaging and only managed to provoke a reaction with Blondie’s ‘Heart of Glass’. After a lot of checking watches and queuing for the bar, the crowd’s apathy was finally remedied when the clock struck one and the Dewaele brothers appeared on stage; even without extraordinary visual aids, they remain expert DJs with the ability to captivate a room with their record collection.

2manyDJs have often been accused of playing much of the same material in their sets and true, the duo have a number of staples that frequently reappear (Chemical Brothers – ‘Hey Boy Hey Girl’, MGMT – ‘Kids’, Kraftwerk – ‘Numbers’ to name a few…) but tonight much of their set featured recent releases and neglected to play some of their most famous remixes which would be so very easy to fall back on to appease their drunkenly assembled fans. Crowd pleasers included Tame Impala’s ‘Elephant’ and a brilliant mash up of Justice (Phantom Part III) vs. The Clash (Should I Stay or Should I Go).

The last song of the night was an utterly bizarre remix of ‘Alright’ by Supergrass and with that, we were reminded of their fantastic sense of humour, which makes 2manyDJs such a pleasure to see live.

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