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No more puffers and parkas: say hello to spring fashion

ByMaya Sargent

Mar 29, 2021

Spring/summer fashion feels different this year. It’s exciting, exhilarating and hopeful. It really feels like we are welcoming spring with open arms this year. With a surge of light, positivity and colour, the recent fashion shows promised a strong future with glimpses of crop tops, chunky footwear, floaty maxi dresses and puffy period style sleeves – something for everyone because post-lockdown life will be about customization and accommodation to suit you and your own version of lockdown life.

 My Instagram explore page has been a wash of colour to support this movement of inspiration; pastels and primary colours, ranging from greens, pinks, yellows, oranges – truly there is no colour of the spectrum that seems to not have been touched. And, let me tell you, as someone whose wardrobe usually consists of black, white, navy and grey, I am envious. I am attempting to restrain myself from frantically ordering a brand new wardrobe online as I am so ready to reinvent my wardrobe to prioritise colour.

Without even realising it, bright colours found a way to sneak into my life – whether it’s the icing in my baking, my university notes, my makeup, the subject of a quick photo…. Looking back over the last couple of weeks, I have definitely yearned for colour to break up the days and to remind myself of the imminent spring/summer months. I truly have never seen Instagram looking more colourful, the concept of black&white images have been pushed aside, and a quick glance at my feed reminds me of summer memories, spring, and all of the exciting times we have to come. Most poignantly, I think it reminds me of the returned hope in the world.

I think it’s been really important for designers to share their colourful creations. The renowned House of Sunny green dress and cardigan coord set (you know the ones, but if not a quick google will clarify anything) seem to have taken centre stage – and quite rightly so, may I add. The colour of the fur-lined collar, not unlike Harry Styles incredible feather-boa style scarf he wore during his Grammy performance (I cry, he’s so iconic) but I think it is fair to say that green is here and here to stay; my Irish roots have never been more thrilled.

Another iconic moment of fashion week, that I can’t, nor want to, forget, were the Versace colour block heels. Hope, happiness and freedom, in a shoe. A glimpse at those shoes gave me the most incredible dose of nostalgia, longing for brunches, lunches, dinners, any social situation where I can wear statement shoes. Anywhere but the supermarket or for my daily lap around the Meadows. The day is coming and seriously when it does, expect me in a dupe of these shoes, but also I’ll take a pair of the pink ones, size 6, if anyone is listening!

2021 has also been delivered with a variety of accessories: chunky earrings, chunky necklaces and rings of all colours. It has been one of the most exciting trends to track as a lot of the chunky rings have been made, sold and bought on sites such as Etsy and Depop. A sustainable way to support smaller businesses that provide an incredible variety of items, that are even handmade. I frequently type the obvious ‘chunky rings’ into the search bar on Etsy, as well as ‘hand-painted earrings’, and I have found some great purchases which make great presents; I would highly recommend.

Another favourite fashion week look that appeared on the catwalk were wide-legged trousers. They remind me of warm holidays, the beach and comfort – all things I am ready for this spring. Now combine wide-legged trousers with pastel colours… seriously, a perfect combination. Please let me radiate all of the easter-egg-inspired energy.

I talk about these trends with so much vigour and excitement because fashion week was truly the epitome of hope and promise. It was a nod in the direction of a lighter, brighter future and a reminder of what we have to come. Fashion has ebbed and flowed over the past year. 

In the early days of lockdown, there was an initial attempt to wear our ‘normal’ clothes, so we were ready to hop out of the door when this weird lockout? lock-down? a brand new thing arrived, that we thought would last for two weeks. Then came the long year of the elasticated waistband, sweatpants, long puffers, big sweaters, anything with a hood, even Crocs made a successful return; yes, the bar was that low. And now, we’re here. March 2021, a year on. We’re ready to dress up. We’re also not ready to part with comfort yet. We’re ready for heels and glitter. But we also want to be supported by pastels, loose dresses and kind, puffy fabric. The 2021 fashion season has it all and I hope it can be a wistful reminder of the sun, the blue sky, the late nights, the parties, the reunions and most importantly, the freedom that is just a few weeks away… Good things are coming, hold on, you’re nearly there. 

Image: Taylor Simpson via Unsplash