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No ‘Revival’ for Eminem with ninth album

0.5/5 stars

Previously on Eminem’s road to sobriety we got Marshall Mathers LP II. After a triplet of bad to mediocre albums, fans were finally bestowed with a good Eminem album. During Eminem’s hiatus from music, the Detroit hip-hop scene flourished. Artists such as Big Sean, Danny Brown, Royce da 5”9 and Tee Grizzley all made big strides in their careers. In 2016, Eminem brought an excellent verse in Big Sean’s ‘No Favors’, as well was the acapella Trump rant, ‘Campaign Speech’. In late 2017, Em announced his upcoming album, which Rick Rubin was also working on.

In mid-November, the first single was released. ‘Walk On Water’ featured vocals by Beyonce, as Eminem ruminated over his spot in contemporary hip-hop culture. While this reflective, stripped down track was decent, for many the alarm bells were already ringing. In early December, the second single dropped. ‘Untouchable’ was an incredible disappointment. While the Cheech and Chong sample was clearly the watermark of Rick Rubin, Eminem indulged the listener in a two-part cringe fest.

The response to ‘Untouchable’ was so negative, the release date for Revival was pushed back by a week.

Then the tracklist dropped. Pessimism reached new lows, many outraged by the list of features. Billboard artists such as Ed Sheeran, X Ambassadors and P!nk were especially unpopular inclusions. Even Eminem’s Slaughterhouse signee, Joe Budden could not hold back contempt when asked about the album. Then on December 15, 2017 it dropped. Revival is without a doubt the worst album ever to be released by Eminem. The lyrics are so bad, it makes Lil Pump look like an intellectual.

‘Chloraseptic’ features one such cringey line, “”The way I’m kickin’ these fairies’ tails (/fairytales) / I should write a children’s storybook”. Then there’s this from ‘Like Home’: “This type of pickle that we’re in is hard to deal (/dill)”. Have you suffered enough? Well try this on for size: “Your booty is heavy duty like diarrhea.”

The features do nothing to save Eminem either. How can we take the person who wrote these lyrics seriously? Eminem was once the bridge to hip-hop for people outside of the African-American community. No matter what race or gender, you could appreciate Eminem’s biting criticisms of societal norms or his witty lyrics. It’s been a long time now since he really dropped something special. Yes, Eminem has changed, he’s trying to sober up and recover from years of addiction. Yes, it’s not fair to ask for Slim Shady to come back, but can a successful Eminem exist without that personality? The majority of this album is unlistenable, yet hope always remains for a good Eminem album.

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11 replies on “No ‘Revival’ for Eminem with ninth album”

Funny thing is people who actually bought it and listened to it without prejudging can’t stop listening to it. It’s actually brilliant and fortunately not a another album trying to copy 2 Chainz, Future and Kendrick, who are amazing but also need no copycats. Listen a few times and you get hooked. Picking the same couple weak lines to give as examples have been done by othet reviewers hell bent on getting vengeance on his new stance. You mention zero lines from Believe, Heat, Offended etc. “When this dual exhaust is cooling off cuz you ain’t got nothing to prove at all.. you already him em with the coupe de grace”. There are ton of lines throughout every song that any one of would make someone’s career. People, listen or yourself with a clear head. And not from your phone speaker like this review sounds like it was written from. This shit review nonsense is one of two things, bandwagon or pissed off over Trump/Black Lives Matter.
Brilliant, plays through perfect, bumps your car speakers, up to the minute relavent.
Can’t believe I wasted my time reading this let alone responding. SMH

Really 0.5 I can’t see that as a fair review. Honestly you probably only heard a few songs and didn’t truly pay attention to what he was saying in his songs. You are entitled to your opinion but this sounds more like a troll article than anything. I honestly gave the album a 6.5 up to a 7. I think most of it went over your head we all know this isn’t his best work but it’s not his worst. By the way listen to the Chloraseptic remix I think you’ll see his lyriscm is better than ever the only thing I agree with is the lackluster sound but its about lyrics not just beats and sound. 2pac said 20 years look up his interview from 1995 he said beats don’t make it real and eminem was talking about some real stuff on that album especially his honestly about himself. I suggest give another listen my friend.

The reason so many people wanna hear and like to hear about drugs and murders is because most the population is either drug addicts and wanna be things or rich folk. Eminem is by far the best artist out there and by far expresses his emotions an in words. He is great. If you can take a moment and feel what he feels, you’d know where’s coming from. I’m not a drug addict, but I once was, I struggled with depression and still battle with anger and strong destructive emotions Eminem is on my top list you need to listen to his words, put yourself in those shoes and really Invision where he’s coming from then you’d know the true meaning behind his music

I appreciate your point of view Ashley. I am happy if his music has done something for you, unfortunately his words don’t resonate with me, not like they did before at least. To me this album felt too focus grouped. This is just my opinion, the truth for you is not the truth for me. The lyrics and music from Eminem’s Marshall Mathers LP and Slim Shady LP had a lot more meaning for me. If you feel a certain way about his music you should write about it.

One day you will understand this album, right now you don’t cause you can’t relate at this very moment in your life, but trust me one day many years from now you will.

Fuckin’ lies, the album was never pushed back a week after Untouchable. Revival only ever had one official release date and one rumoured one that was nothing but whispers. There was certainly no official push. And you just called MMLP2 the only good post hiatus album where most Eminem fans consider Recovery or Relapse the best, with extreme levels of arguments over which is shıt and which is good. MMLP2 often gets 2nd on that list. Revival ain’t great not many are saying it is doesn’t change the fact your opinion piece is littered with inaccuracies. Don’t give up the day job just yet. I’ll take a coffee no sugar.

It was an decent album not the the best and please whoever wrote this review needs to get their homework done before talking shit about Eminem. Fuck the haters. Go listen to Lil Pump you piece of shit. Don’t fuckin rate the shit you don’t like. His rhyme scheme and word play is unbeatable. I have been listening to rap since 2000s and i know what its like. This new generation is just fuckin annoying with listening to these shit ass rappers like Lil Pump. You fuckin stupid pricks. Eminem is in the list of legends like Pac, Biggie, Nas, Andre 3000, Rakim & Jay Z. You cant FUCKIN compare him to these new kids like Lil Pump. He is the Goat. Fuck your opinions you’re another fuckin kid who doesnt know shit about rap.

I actually think the Chloraseptic remix is really good, I think that Eminem brings a lot more of that old fire. Phresher gets a great verse. Also I was glad to finally get that 2 Chainz verse.

That about sums you up. 2 chainz verse was a heap. He didn’t release it for that reason but arsewipes like you wouldn’t shut up about it so he popped it on there with phresher then wiped the floor with both.

Another late review from someone without any knowledge of hip hop and how it’s matured along with eminem. How the fuck do these reviews get hits on Google?? Maybe a little bit of ball sucking and ‘let’s hate eminem’ yeah that’ll do it. Please reply.

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