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Oh Land succeed on their wistful single ‘Brief Moment’

ByKatie Moore

Mar 26, 2019

‘Brief Moment’ captures a great deal in a short time. Released in February 2019 by Danish indie pop musician Oh Land, a.k.a Nanna Øland Fabricius, as the second single off her upcoming album Family Tree, this mellow single lulls the listener with its rhythmic, gentle tone and plays nicely on the ear.

This single retains all the usual wistfulness and mysticism of her previous albums, such as 2011’s Oh Land. The lyrics centre on the power of unexpected love and describe a video Fabricius once watched, that of fish making beautiful patterns in the sand to attract a partner. Oh Land’s, central inspiration for this beautiful, childlike piece is her son who, as she said herself, “kept singing while he was playing one day.” The spontaneity of Oh Land led her to run “around the lakes of [her] neighbourhood” to compile the emotional single. The stunning combination of the piano keys, chimes and her soft voice will have listeners’ hairs on end.

‘Brief Moment’ is reminiscent of the innocence of ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ by Lily Allen, catchy and incredibly easy to listen to, regardless of your taste.

Image: Sean MacEntee via Wikimedia 

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