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Oldies but goodies: fashion staples you need to have

In an age of fast fashion it’s easy to be enticed by the consumer culture of cheap clothes in vast quantities, but it’s important for us to be environmentally minded when it comes to looking and feeling good. So we’re reviewing all those items we’ve had and loved for years and thinking about how we can shop more sustainably and make the most out of those timeless capsule pieces that go with everything.


  1. The leather jacket – A classic and timeless staple that goes with any outfit day and night. I bought mine at 15, and I still think it’s the best investment I’ve ever made.
  2. A white shirt, having purchased it as a school shirt aged 16, my urban outfitters classic collared shirt is something I go back to time and time again, be it tucked into shorts or over a swimming costume in the summer or with a cami and jeans in the colder seasons. This is again another piece worth investing in because when has it ever not been in style?
  3. Cream Cable knit woollen jumper – I’ll be honest most of my jumpers are cheap and acrylic, but its undoubtable that this has stood the test of time much better. Unlike synthetics that go bobbly very quickly, wool wears out a lot slower, and its warmer and biodegradable.
  4. Black jumpsuit – And so the jumpsuit was born and all the women in the land rejoiced. If you’ve not discovered the joy, then now’s the time. Unfortunately even today, female fashion is much less practical than male clothing, and often revolves entirely around appearance rather than comfort. However, a jumpsuit doesn’t ride up, it doesn’t ride down, which is a rare thing in women’s clothing. If you can get one with pockets, then bonus points to you my friend.
  5. I picked up a Pitlochry cardigan in a charity shop in Stockbridge which would likely fall into the category of granny-chic. It’s a high-quality piece, I suspect is at least 15 years old, and yet still in great condition and cost me £9. Shopping second-hand is a really feasible way to shop sustainably, as a student.
  6. Under-armour back pack – This might not be the most fashionable item on the list, and it has been made known to me that it makes me look like Dora the Explorer, but, it can fit everything I need for the day: lunchboxes, keep cups, water bottle etc, is still comfortable to wear, and a few years down the line, it’s still in really good condition, and can easily be used for a weekend away.
  7. Red lipstick. There’s nothing like finding your perfect shade of lipstick whatever colour that might be. I like to use Revlon Colourburst Striking Spectaculaire, it also works well as a cheek stain.


Quality over quantity is a good mantra to adopt to shop sustainably, but when we do purchase new items there are some things to bear in mind. Avoid synthetics as they contain plastic particles and so aren’t biodegradable. When buying cotton its key that you look for organic or recycled cotton that is sustainably sourced. Brands such as H&M have switched to responsible sources of cotton, so it’s not as hard as it once was to find.


Ultimately, we all need to shop less for the sake of mother earth. Besides, there’s something very satisfying about having pieces in your wardrobe that you’ve had since your first ever disco.

Image credit: 4304553 via Pixabay