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Our top five uses for cinnamon

From the dismally dark mornings and the strikingly chilly evenings, it’s pretty unarguable that autumn is upon us. Whilst this might send so many running to their cosy beds, it sends us running to the spice rack. For could there ever be a spice more appropriate for autumn than cinnamon? No. Never. The beauty of cinnamon is that it has so many uses. For those of you not quite sure how to get your spice on, here are five of our favourite ideas.

In your coffee

It’s like your favourite Starbucks beverage except it’s about a tenth of the price. Stir a teaspoon into your black coffee and it’ll add a comforting zing to your drink. If you’re not into coffee, why not try it with your tea? Splash some milk in there as well and you’re halfway to a chai latte. Or, for a more decadent hot chocolate treat, add some cinnamon and chilli.

On your porridge

An absolute classic. Cinnamon porridge is the best breakfast by far for finding the motivation to get out from under your duvet in the morning. Stir a teaspoon in whilst your porridge is cooking or sprinkle on top afterwards, add some sliced banana and you’ll be in pure bliss.

Cinnamon French toast

For the weekends when you feel like treating yourself to something slightly more exciting for breakfast. Beat eggs, cinnamon and a dash of vanilla essence together, lather a slice of bread or brioche  in the mixture and then drop in a pan, flipping it to let the bread toast on each side. Serve with berries, syrup and more cinnamon.

In your wardrobe

Cinnamon is not just for Christmas wreaths. Take a couple of cinnamon sticks and tie them together with some ribbon. It not only looks pretty around your abode but it creates a delightfully scented clothes freshener that smells great and even helps to keep moths away.

With sweet potato

Simply sprinkle cinnamon onto whichever sweet potato dish you fancy: baked and loaded with feta? Add cinnamon. Fries, risotto, stew – sprinkle it on whilst cooking. Add some chipotle chilli flakes and maple syrup to your cinnamon sweet potato fries and add a delightful autumn/winter warmth to any sweet potato dish.

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