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Out of Our Father’s House

Musical, historical, and intelligent, ‘Out of Our Father’s House’ introduces the audience to some of America’s earliest suffragettes. Examining the way in which clear racial and gender inequality structured the experience of women in 19th Century America, ‘Out of Our Father’s House’ is an important, educational, and captivating experience for any attending this year’s Fringe. Productions which take a similarly intersectional approach are rare, and this is a real boon for ‘Out of Our Father’s House’. With an all-female cast, female producer and female director ‘Out of Our Father’s House’ practices what it preaches and is a resounding and deeply Feminist success.

Presenting the narratives of Eliza Southgate, Mary Jones, Maria Mitchell and several other leading American suffragettes ‘Out of Our Father’s House’ is a great historical lesson, as well as inspiration, for any interested in such an important and radical period in America’s transformation.

Musical, energetic, and evidently well-rehearsed there is very little at fault with this production. However, a slightly expanded cast may have made it somewhat easier to delineate between the various narratives as at present several actors double up on roles, although this is admittedly a most minor complaint.

From its outset much of the play is concerned with the process of realizing one’s place in a world stacked against you, whether by virtue of race, gender or class. This play’s message continues to stand the test of time and sadly remains utterly relevant to today’s world. If you are in the mood to see a remarkably well-staged play filled with strong, inspiring women this production is a must.

By Simon Fern

President 2016-2017
Comment Editor (2015-2016)
Fringe Theatre and Dance Editor (2016)
4th Year History and English Literature student.

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