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Over Everything is a lonely, lengthy collaboration from Barnett and Vile

ByJo Higgs

Sep 27, 2017

4/5 stars

Popular indie rockers Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile nurture ‘Over Everything’ from a Mac Demarco-esque indie track into a hectic, near grunge jam over the thrilling 6:20 it spans. From the relaxing get-go of the tune, Vile sets the tone for it to be a story of isolation and existentialism. Despite the constant themes of loneliness throughout the single, this loneliness is humorously contrasted by the presence of Barnett – allowing the track to become an almost ironic duet. The increasing density of ‘Over Everything’ reaches it’s climax with a truly chaotic and messy selection of bluesy guitar riffs that ends abruptly leave us feeling as lonely as Vile and Barnett sound with their weary, tired-sounding slacker-style croons. ‘Over Everything’ certainly gives reason to be excited for their imminent joint LP Lotta Sea Lice coming out on October 13th. This collaboration follows Barnett’s greatly successful 2015 debut album Sometimes I Sit and Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit, and Vile’s believe i’m goin down from the same year.

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