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Part Time tease new album with second sultry single

ByAlasdair Flett

Sep 15, 2018

Part Time, contender for the world’s most unsearchable band name, is the musical project of David Speck and has been quietly releasing their unhinged take on the sultrier sounds of the 1980s across the best part of this decade. This single follows on from the collaboration with post-ironic pioneer Ariel Pink and is part of the run-up to new album Spell #6 due out on 2 November.

‘I Can Treat You Better’ (purportedly track three) has an infectious chorus and oozes melody from every pore. Belonging to broadly the same artistic movement, Pink’s contribution blends naturally into the band’s established sound. On ‘So Far Away’ the vocals are far less prominent and there’s less to latch on to in terms of a hook. Nonetheless, it’s a highly pleasant late-night jam from a parallel universe, viewed exclusively on VHS with warm synth pads, dual sax solo and twinkling leads.

Image: StockSnap via Pixabay

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