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Patrick Garratt elected EUSA Vice President Academic Affairs with 1382 votes

ByEthan DeWitt

Mar 11, 2016

Patrick Garratt has been elected Edinburgh University Students Association (EUSA) Vice President Academic Affairs with 1383 votes.

Competing against two other candidates, Garratt achieved a vote quota in the third round, after 220 second preference votes for Nataliya Bondareva were transferred after the second round.  Placing second was Harriet-Protheroe Davis.

Garratt, a fourth-year history student, ran on a platform to revise the extension policy for students, campaign for the reintroduction of the post-study work visa, and bring recorded lectures to all schools.

He also promised to train post grad tutors and lobby for better wages, lobby for more bursary funding, and create “more relaxed student councils.”

Garratt was editor-in-chief of The Student last autumn, formerly a Comment editor, and a student staff liaison officer for the History society.

He ran against Protheroe-Davis, fourth-year philosophy and politics student, who ran on a platform to change university curricula, extend bursaries, and unionise postgrad tutors, and Bondareva, fourth-year philosophy student, who ran to introduce a wellbeing fund for tutors and publish exam timetables earlier.

Speaking to The Student shortly after the announcement, Garratt said: “It has been a very pleasant experience, I’ve done my campaign with a bunch of friends, and I want to thank them all for helping out. I would also just encourage anyone to run in student elections.”

Reporting contributed by Olivia R. Nolan.

By Ethan DeWitt


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