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Pelican Books: a new way to read online

ByChloe Henderson

Nov 18, 2014
courtesy of pelican books

Pelican Books, the non-fiction imprint of Penguin Books, has launched a new website that offers to completely transform the way we read books online. With the intent of creating an entirely new digital reading experience, each book in the Pelican series has been designed from the ground up with online functionality in mind, in order to create comfortable reading regardless of the device used.

A quick visit to the website will instantly confirm to you that this has worked; after either opting to purchase your first work, or testing the theory with a free trial, it’s evident that a lot of effort has gone into optimising the prints for a digital medium. Unlike many page-to-screen adaptions, the works are clear and easy to interpret, with footnotes embedded in the text for immediate references, and any images blown up in full colour.

Also true to its promise, the website functions beautifully across all platforms, with the text and interfaces adapting flawlessly to offer the same package on all devices – small smartphones included.

The benefits of easily accessible online reading to students are undeniable; space saving, accessible anywhere, and opened up on demand, reading from a laptop of tablet is fast becoming the young person’s preference over studying from hard copies. Whilst the selection of works may remain somewhat limited for the time being, with only six titles currently scheduled to be added to the series in the next year, it can be assumed that, once it has gained traction, more will follow.

Pelican Books re-launched earlier this year, with five titles published in May, following an almost three decade-long era of hiatus. Aimed at the everyday reader, it boasts to combine intellectual rigour with a simple and accessible prose, offering a range of titles including; Classical Literature by Richard Jenkyns, and The Meaning of Science, by Timothy Lewens.

For more information, and to try it yourself visit www.pelicanbooks.com


By Chloe Henderson

Chloe Henderson is a 3rd year history student and ex-Culture Editor for The Student. She now writes for various sections of the paper, with a particular focus on Science & Tech. Her dream job is to be a superhero, but failing that, a Middle East correspondent for Al-Jazeera.

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