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Phone Shop Idol: BBC TWO

ByFrankie Lister-Fell

Jan 28, 2016

Tears, sob stories and emotional music. The key components that dominate shows like The X Factor, have now been shamefully adopted in BBC 2’s new series, Phone Shop Idol. Perhaps, even more shamefully, is that I enjoyed it.

In this episode we meet the ‘chosen ones’; the best phone sellers from around the UK nominated by their managers. These 32 candidates are then whittled down in the first challenge: mystery shoppers. Secret footage is collected from the mystery shoppers and is sent to the judges who pick their favourite contestants.While not up to the BBC’s usual standard of praiseworthy programmes, Phone Shop Idol has an undeniable charm. There is something refreshing in seeing people pour their energy and ambition into selling phones. For me, this is far more entertaining than enduring ‘I Will Always Love You’ butchered by someone on purpose in order to boost views and I endeavour to follow the rest of the series.

Image: Clive Darra

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