Photography – why it’s more than just a hobby

Why are people taking pictures of their faces, their hobbies or their food? Why do we capture every single moment, whether it’s a cute dog on the street or a Venti Gingerbread Frappuccino? Even though those are quite simple questions, I can’t really give you an answer, because honestly, I am one of those people who snaps photographs of everything. 

The special thing about photography is that we can capture moments anywhere and anytime and all we need for this is our smartphone. To our advantage, this device is something that rarely leaves our side.

Compared to other forms of visual art, you don’t need any special talent for it. Every single one of us can get started with this wonderful hobby, no matter if your goal is to sell your photographs or just to keep it for your own viewing pleasure. 

Every picture you take is like a personal story. There is no painting without context, similarly you rarely find a picture without context or a reason for taking it. However, unlike a painting, you don’t need to spend hours of your time on it (and you don´t need any specific skill). 

I am a person who appreciates a good sketch or painting as much as anyone else, but having absolutely no talent in drawing or painting, it’s hard to satisfy the artsy side in me. That´s why photography means so much to me. It is a way to express myself, with little to no skill involved. Even if they turn out to be horrible, technically-lacking photographs – you are the only one who will see them, and no matter their quality, I bet they are still meaningful to you.

If you prefer to share your pictures with the world, you can also get immediate feedback. Camera phones allow us to upload our pictures in a few seconds (as long as the WiFi is working well). Another bonus is that it’s up to you who will see them! Maybe just a 10 second Snap to your closest friends? Or to your private Facebook friends including all your family members? Pictures connect and show the people around us what is going on in our life right now. Sometimes you want to share that, sometimes you don’t. And the beauty of it? It’s totally up to you when and what to share.

The most amazing thing for me is without question the ability to capture every single moment in my life with just a single click of a button. This enables me to remember every experience as it happens. 

Every time I’m bored or waiting for somebody, I go through the picture gallery in my phone and look at all those pictures I took, some of them years ago. I remember how I felt when taking the picture, the joy, the adrenaline, the pure happiness. And sometimes I just have to smile, while scrolling through them. It’s insane how the emotions of one single picture can throw you back in time, which can be quite overwhelming, I have to admit. But that doesn’t make it any less amazing.

Especially for university students, this is a great way to recall memories of home, even if that means another country or continent. That’s why I think photography is such an influential hobby for each and every one of us: we can connect to our past, no matter where we are and preserve those memories that are most meaningful to us.

Photography is also an amazing tool to appreciate the world around us and to stay in the moment. There is more in this hobby than “just taking pictures”. It is a way to express your feelings, your drives, and also yourself. Photography is an art and it allows each of us to become an artist. Embrace that artsy side of yours, and just take a picture of your next adventure!! 

You won’t regret it, I promise.

Image Credit: Fshoq blog

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