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Pixie Lott – Break Up Song

ByLydia Rylance Murdoch

Oct 19, 2014

Pixie Lott’s latest release proves to be just as nauseating as one would expect, grandly boasting groundbreaking sentiments such as “Love was our religion”.

Her attempts at warbling are mediocre at best and the mincing tone present in her voice, all too apparent from the beginning, does nothing to endear her to the listener. Lott’s efforts at lyricism are sadly lacking with notable lines including: “This is our break up song./ But can’t we just get along?”

The recently released music video features a sickly sweet show reel of Lott (and some guy) playing the part of those couples you attempt to avoid on public transport.

The sincerity with which they do this is really quite depressing. Overall, ‘Break Up Song’ is an unexciting track that does not even possess any of the guilty pleasure appeal of her earlier hit, ‘Turn It Up’ (which yes, was another break up song).

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