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@Pizza: the new restaurant making pizza in 90 seconds

ByAmalie Sortland

Dec 13, 2017

A pizza made in 90 seconds? ‘That’s too good to be true’, I thought to myself as I entered Edinburgh’s new restaurant @pizza, which so effortlessly proved me wrong.

Situated in Charlotte Lane, the western edge of Princes Street, @pizza is an urban and spacious ‘Millennial City’, offering a hip vibe, cutlery made from recycled vegetables and oval-shaped personalized pizzas that are ready for you in less than two minutes.

The friendly staff helped me pick out toppings in a swift and efficient manner and before I knew it I had the taste of delicious, sizzling pizza in my mouth. My ancient grain pizza was topped with pesto, Italian Mozzarella (yes, you do have the option of choosing mozzarella from other countries), onion, olives, rocket, sundried tomatoes and feta cheese. The crust was satisfyingly light and bubbly and the size of the pizza was perfectly filling. The soda options were very intriguing. They included flavours of fruit I had never heard of. My favourite was the Peach & amp; Honey Iced Tea.

@pizza’s clean and cool atmosphere, contemporary black-and-white theme, and fast-cooking pizza made from locally sourced ingredients is clearly a carefully designed concept.

Neill Hunter says to The Student: “We have researched lots of fast, casual dining concepts both domestically and internationally because we love pizza. We wanted to launch in Edinburgh, because it is such a concentrated city with [a] great student population and a huge corporate demographic for lunch time. And it’s all on our door step.”

@pizza’s location is perfect for a break after a long and exhausting day of working or shopping. I would even argue that it is a good place to study as the wifi is fast, there are outlets everywhere, and the food is student budget-friendly.

“We want people to come in and enjoy the really cool environment that we are creating here. We want you to eat fantastic, great-value, design-your-own pizza, served by people who we trust, who we love and who we are going to look after.”

I thoroughly enjoyed my 90 second pizza, and would highly recommend you take a trip to the restaurant.

image: Riedelmeier via pixabay 


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