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Podcast Pick : Archive 81

ByEmily Hall

Jan 25, 2017

Do you feel disillusioned because your job in an archive never feels dramatic or suspenseful enough? Let this podcast show you the possibilities. This audio-drama serial tells the tale of a storyteller week by week as he attempts to sort through an archive of tapes in a mysterious bunker-like setting.

His every move is recorded and perhaps even listened in on by a questionable historical society which starts to appear more and more in the archives, but it is not the obvious psychological thriller conclusion you think; there are more forces at work. The format is simple, with the main character forced to record his every move, including the content of the tapes.

Archive 81 frames this through his best friend, who has supposedly been sent the recordings after our protagonist went missing, and releases selections of them to the public to help his search attempts. The episodes run around 20 minutes long with ten episodes in Season 1 and the premiere of season two scheduled for January 18.

Image : Creative Commons 3; created by NY Photographic

By Emily Hall

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