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Podcast Pick: Around The NFL

ByCharles Nurick

Dec 1, 2015

America has such a plethora of websites,  television shows and podcasts covering every aspect of their sporting culture that it takes something special to distance oneself from the crowd. However, the Around The NFL podcast does just that.

On a first listen, it may seem like every other sports related talk show with a group of men discussing the ins and outs of the latest news and results from – as the title cleverly suggests – around the NFL.

But there is more to this show than simple analysis and reporting of the latest going-ons, and it is largely down to the repertoire between the shows’ stars: Dan Hanzus, Gregg Rosenthal, Chris Wesseling, and Marc Sessler. They manage to inject humour, debate, and genuine passion into each episode, while still providing the insights that avid football fans tune in for.

With pop culture references, long-standing in-jokes between the team and favourite segments popping up throughout each episode, the Around The NFL podcast is a glorious mixing pot of sports talk and four friends just hanging out.You can almost imagine them sitting round a campfire with a few beers as they take the piss out of each other for an incorrect prediction or outlandish assumption.

It is this easy, free-flowing dialogue that makes the show so listenable: it is the sort of show that can be given your full attention, or just something to dip in and out of while you continue your life.

It is often said that the more you put into something, the more you get out of it, but the Around the NFL podcast certainly holds this to be true: you can listen to an episode or two and enjoy it, but give a few weeks and you shall be chuckling along with the rest of them.

Image: Matt McGee

By Charles Nurick

Fourth year History student. A lover of sports, gin, and long, hot baths A disliker of slow walkers, clingfilm, and umbrellas.

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