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Podcast Pick – Burnt Toast

BySarah Manavis

Mar 10, 2015
Image courtesy of Michael J. Bennett (Wikicommons)

When it comes to podcasts, there is usually a basic formula to be a winner. A loveable host, a few stories and interviews, and an interesting theme to go with each episode. Each podcast will have its own spin; whether it’s about American lives, politics or the Internet, they will all still have the same basic structure. However, a new podcast has been released which may put a new spin on the podcasting game; a genuinely different show to those typically on the iTunes Store.

The show is Burnt Toast from the popular food website Food52. Although so far only released as an intro podcast and a description explaining what’s in store for its burgeoning audience, it has already managed to entice the masses with its unique style.

For context, Food52 is a popular cooking and food site that has been hugely popular amongst millennials and seasoned cooks alike. They have articles ranging from food facts such as “Everything You Need To Know About Doughnuts”, to how to cook large meals, to cooking a cheap meal for one. Their writers and editors are required to have in-depth culinary experience as well as the ability to write copy that engages readers from the first line. It’s gained a dedicated following, devoted and always craving more.

Burnt Toast seems to be providing just that. In the description they say the show will not just be a discussion of recipes and cooking techniques, but also a “rotating cast of smart, salty guests, for controversial cooking topics, food culture, and occasional good-spirited debate”. This is an interesting twist on the typical podcast frame and gives the show a real differentiator, outside of just being a podcast about food (which I doubt will garner many complaints).

Despite the fact that they have yet to release their inaugural episode, Burnt Toast is already promising, especially for a student audience. Whether you want to listen in on how to cook some of the most basic, student-friendly recipes, or are already a seasoned chef looking for a challenge, Burnt Toast appears to have the potential to please the audible appetites of any food lover.

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