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Podcast Pick: Criminal

ByLauren Leigh Porter

Mar 25, 2016

If you’re thinking, what are you going to do with yourself after you have finished that last essay, or maybe you need something to take your mind away from the pain that is people eating in the library? Then this is the podcast for you, it is called Criminal, and as usual I’m bringing you not only a treat for the ears, but you won’t miss a trick buying it, because its free. This podcast has been created by Phoebe Judge, Eric Mennel, and Lauren Spohrer. It Stories are all true and are based on ‘people who’ve done wrong, been wronged, or gotten caught somewhere in the middle’.

I downloaded four of the episodes to get a good feel for what the podcast had to offer. The length of episodes are perfect for a quick listen and range from 15 – 30 minutes long. One of these was Episode 27: No place like home, the story told about a man named Neil White (who narrated parts of the story himself) and how he got convicted of fraud. That’s just the beginning, though, see he is sent to a prison, which also runs as a leprosy commune. He speaks of the people he met and the struggles they had had leprosy. The story is not only eye opening but heartfelt as the tales from the victims of leprosy are quite harrowing.

Another episode which is scarier you could say is the tale of The Portrait, which covers what happened to the Lawson family eighty years ago on Christmas day. Not a tale for the light hearted, but a curious listen for those who interested in real crime.

On another note the podcast produces episodes less commercially catchy, everyone likes a good murder, but the producers also include stories of those whose lives have changed from a criminal act either done by them or by someone else. An example is Episode 28: P.D.I.D, which regales what happened to transgender women Patti Hammond Shaw when she was arrested and how she has changed police processing for the better.

A podcast not for the lighthearted but a definite must.

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