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Podcast Pick: Limetown

ByEmily Hall

Nov 15, 2016

Limetown is a seven part podcast — a fact that was totally lost on me because I listened to the whole thing continuously. I stumbled upon it while trying to fall asleep, and was so engrossed that I hardly noticed it get light outside as I listened to it through the morning.

This podcast from the fictitious American Public Radio (public radio in the US is called NPR: National Public Radio) takes the style of many other non-fiction serial podcasts.

It sounds professionally produced to the highest calibre and explains that the reporter, an investigative journalist named Lia Haddock, is recalling the results of her long term investigation into the well known public mystery of Limetown.

This story is unique, suspenseful and imaginative. It is produced with an attention to detail and pacing that promises to continue to intrigue its listeners. Rarely have I encountered anything in the podcast world, or in media overall, that is able to fully captivate me the way that Limetown did.

Image: Creative Commons 3; created by NY Photographic

By Emily Hall

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