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Podcast Pick: Undone

ByEmily Hall

Dec 2, 2016

Undone is a new podcast that focuses on news stories yet to be concluded. Billed as a show that examines stories thought to concluded, Undone takes a unique perspective in examining how we look at the news.

This podcast explores these ‘undone’ stories in greater detail through a series of interviews and investigations, each week covering an interesting episode of American history.

The advantage of this type of format is that, rather than just focusing on particular news stories, these stories are able to span decades, leaving us with more complete stories than often seen in the news. They allow us to see the impact of a news story as it fits more broadly within American history.

The topics that have been discussed so far include the ‘demolition’ of disco and the battle over the remains of one of the oldest skeletons found in North America. Finally, with discussing the Deacons – an early civil rights group committed to protecting their community in a setting of extreme racial violence, potentially a precursor to the Black Power movement – Undone demonstrates the ends that spark something new.

Image: Creative Commons 3; created by NY Photographic

By Emily Hall

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