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Podcast Pick

BySarah Manavis

Nov 18, 2014

Even though most of us do it, think about it, or even discuss it on an a daily basis, most people find talking about sex intimidating and terrifying. It can be awkward and sensitive, and some of us may be just scared to give an uncommon or conflicting point of view. But for the women who run The Heart Podcast (formerly Audio Smut) these waters are actually charted and fun, and spend their time on a monthly basis devoting about thirty to forty minutes sharing the stories of the sex lives of people from all different walks of life around the world. Founded by a group of Canadian sex workers, the programme has turned from just a casual chat about a touchy subject to a full-blown, cult-following show.

Because of their recent switch from Audio Smut to The Heart, I decided to pick a great episode from a few months ago to pay homage to the old retired podcast before saying hello to the new world these women are off to create. That episode is ‘Coming of Age’. We hear about the stereotype to the perceived abnormalities about coming of age in our sexuality as women and the often uphill battles we have to face. These stories range from a girl coping with getting her period and the sweet thing her mother does for her after it happens to a Jewish girl (who came out as transgendered) struggling in her adolescence over why she didn’t feel like a woman to, finally, a disabled woman trying to figure out sex and how the emphasis put on it makes it seem like its a bigger deal than it really is. These powerful yet endearing stories show that not all women must follow the same trajectory to become proper women and to ‘come of age’ in modern society.

The women at The Heart are genuinely brilliant and make sex accessible to even the most shy and nervous of us. If you want to hear something that perfectly sums up what the Audio Smut was (and hopefully will continue to be) or just to dip your toes in the vast water of sexuality talking points, this is the perfect podcast for you.

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