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ByLauren Porter

Jan 13, 2016

Radio Four Extra has graced our ears with numerous dramatisations over the holiday period. These dramatisations have mainly focused on one of my favourite characters: the crime detective Poirot.

This detective may now seem outdated compared to our Luther or CSI crime teams, who tear up the television, making us feel that we too could solve the murder if we had the kit they did. However, what Poirot brings to the table is old-style sleuthing: there are no blood spatters, no DNA, and you really need to use those little grey cells to catch the killer.

This episode ‘The Murder of Roger Ackroyd’ is Poirot at his finest. The crime thriller is filled with everything you need for a great story: love, lust, fear, murder, and a bloody good twist at the end. So forget your hang-ups about this old sleuth, listen in, and remember it is not always the butler that did it.

Image: cyclonebill

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