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Postgraduate elections completed this month

ByKrzysztof Pukacz

Oct 30, 2019

Edinburgh University Students’ Association’s October elections, where students voted for Postgraduate student representatives and delegates for the National Union of Students (NUS) and NUS Scotland conferences, have concluded.

Voting began on Monday 14 October and was available through the Students’ Association website.

Postgraduate students voted for representatives of both their school and either a Postgraduate Taught or Postgraduate Research representative, depending on their programme of study.

All students were able to choose from a long list of candidates wishing to be delegates for both the UK-wide NUS conference and the Scottish NUS conference.

All schools at the university had at least one candidate to choose from, apart from the schools of Economics, Informatics, Mathematics and Molecular, Genetic and Population Health Sciences, where no candidates decided to stand for election.

There were also by-elections for activities representatives at the same time, where all students voted for new representatives for Academic, Advice/Community and Physical/Outdoor activities.

The elections come amidst very low voter turnout in Student Association elections, with a 12.5 per cent turnout in the elections held in March when students voted for Undergraduate school representatives, Activities Representatives, Sabbatical Officers and Liberation Officers, across the three colleges of the university. In these elections, only 785 voters were Postgraduates.

The Student attempted to contact the Students’ Association for comment about the issue of low voter turnout but received no answer.

Delegates elected will take part in the 2020 NUS conference, which will run from March 21 to April 2 next year in Liverpool.

While no programme has yet been released for the conference, last year’s NUS conference led to the passing of a number of motions, amongst which were motions calling for the protection of EU student’s rights after Brexit and for an end to additional course-associated fees that students are expected to pay as part of their education.

The results of the election are now available on the Students’ Association website.

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