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Poundland Picks – What to buy for Mother’s Day?

ByLipfon Tang

Feb 29, 2016

It is Mother’s Day on Sunday  March 6, a special day on which we reward our amazing mothers for all they have done for us. Problem is, on a student budget, chances are that you will be scraping together all the loose change in your pockets to see what presents you can afford which best show your undying affection and suitability as the ultimate devoted child. Fear not though! Everyone’s favourite bargain store Poundland has come to the rescue – where everything really is only £1 – with a surprisingly good selection of presents that could actually pass for being more valuable than they are. Either way, it is the thought that counts.


A bouquet of flowers is far too expensive, and they will die eventually so try Poundland’s alternative: a potted plant. Your mum can look after it, nourish it and watch it grow now that she has finished looking after you. Primroses and Hyacinths are both available.


Continuing the gardening theme, there are some adorable garden lanterns for sale. You could even buy some tea-lights to go in them, kindly saving your mum the hassle. This is the ideal gift if your mum loves late summer nights in the garden – a premonition of the good weather to come. 


Moving inside the home, Poundland has a selection of diffusers and candles. However, it is highly recommended that you have a good sniff around before buying, because frankly, there are a few that just do not quite have the homely (or even vaguely nice) scent desired.


For the mums who fail to grasp modern technology and the concept of downloading, Poundland sells old DVDs, CDs and books. With some digging, you can find some real gems – for example, we found Dirty Dancing and Bridget Jones in the DVDs, whilst the CDs offered us Will Young, the singer all mothers seem to fawn over.


If you do not want the hassle of all the expensive postage and packaging from sending one of these gifts, then keep it simple and get a card. Lucklily, Poundland also have a wonderful selection of cards: some funny, some pretty, and all for £1. Show your mum how much you adore her with a lovely, gooey and sentimental message – maybe with a baby picture of yourself  for her to coo over (or just chortle at) – and send it home as a wonderful surprise in the post.


[Image: Lipfon Tang]


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