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Preview: Boris at Saint Luke’s, Glasgow

ByDolly Church

Jan 13, 2018

Boris will be playing St Luke’s and the Winged Ox in Glasgow on Monday 19 February as part of their 25th Anniversary tour. A band that is fortunate enough to boast both quality and quantity, the show marks the release of their 23rd studio album, Dear, which is as noisy and heavy as ever.

Longtime collaborators with Sunn O))) and The Melvins, their sound rests on a combination of thick instrumentation and delicate vocals, walking the line somewhere between doom metal and Shoegaze. They will be supported by Amenra, a Belgian group known for their impressive incorporation of visual art in their live performances.  Their shows have been described as ‘entrancing communions’ and if you can’t imagine what that involves, it certainly sounds worth finding out.

Image: Rarely Unable PR

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