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Princess Anne opens the Institute for Regeneration and Repair in surprise visit 

ByMaryse Bots

Jan 21, 2024
Princess Anne standing next to man smiling

On 17 January The Princess Royal Anne made a surprise visit to the University of Edinburgh to open the Institute for Regeneration and Repair South Building. 

In a press release released two days after her visit, the university highlighted the events attended by The Princess Royal in her one-day visit to campus. 

“The Princess Royal, Chancellor, the University of Edinburgh, this afternoon attended a Reception to mark the Sixtieth Anniversary of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence.”

“Her Royal Highness, Chancellor, the University of Edinburgh, later opened the Institute for Regeneration and Repair.” 

The institute in Edinburgh’s bioquarter researches a variety of medical conditions, including rheumatoid arthritis, lung cancer and reproductive health issues. 

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The new £110 million facility, which joins the North building, hosts over 500 scientists. 

The press release further stated that The Princess Royal attended the Seventieth Anniversary Amalgamation Dinner as an honorary member of the New Club. 

This comes in light of criticism of The Princess Royal’s appointment as Chancellor of the university. 

The Princess Royal was appointed as Chancellor of the University of Edinburgh in 2011.

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In 2011, The Student ran an article entitled ‘A Fucking Disgrace’ highlighting the dissatisfaction of students and staff with the appointment of The Princess Royal as Chancellor.

Staff and students staged a sit-in at her inauguration ceremony and the Edinburgh University Student Association (EUSA) has since repeatedly called for her resignation

Additionally, in 2013 two students were detained ahead of The Princess Royal’s visit to the University.

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