Racially motivated attack on Princes Street

Police are investigating an alleged racial attack on a University of Edinburgh dentistry student which took place on Friday 8 October. 

The victim, a 22 year old woman named Moon Kazi was approached by a group of teenagers on Princes Street where she suffered a blow to the face and taunting. 

Police arrived at the scene on Friday after receiving calls of an assault at roughly 9pm; Miss Kazi explained to them she was headed towards the Omni Centre with a friend when she was set upon by a blonde teenager who punched her in the face. 

The assailant was accompanied by a large group of peers, all of whom throughout the attack were laughing, shouting and encouraging the affair. The force of the punch broke her glasses and as she fell to the ground, the gang of teenagers continued to shout and laugh at both her and her friend. Immediately after this unprovoked attack, the gang crossed the road and reportedly slapped another person of colour in the face. 

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Miss Kazi’s friend was the one who called the police and explained that she followed and recorded the group whilst on the call and waiting for the police to arrive. The recording which was shown to the police indicates that the teens were intoxicated and upon realisation that the police were on their way, many of the alleged perpetrators tried to flee the scene. Those who didn’t continued to shout abuse at Miss Kazi’s friend and tried to kick and hit her several times. 

A police spokesperson, speaking to the Edinburgh Evening News, confirmed that officers attended the scene and explained that enquiries are still ongoing. 

Miss Kazi is keen to bring the teenage girl who attacked her to justice, explaining to the Edinburgh Evening News that she felt entirely helpless throughout the attack and was terrified whilst returning home. 

She said:

“I have felt like an outsider in a city that I have been living in for the last 3 years and was considering staying to study postgraduate… I am talking on behalf of all the students who do not feel safe in this city and could not get justice. What happened to me could have happened to anyone, but if you are any ethnicity other than white, you will have a higher chance of being at risk.”

Police Scotland have since issued a statement saying that “racism has no place in our society”. 

Speaking to The Student, the anti-racism group ‘Racism Unmasked’ explained that they have a support and advice messaging service for those who have been struggling with what has been going on and feel unsafe in the city.

This service can be accessed through their social media sites. 

Image via Flickr