Rangers complete long path back to the top

They say time flies when you are having fun – to prove it, you simply have to ask a Rangers fan if the opposite is true. A decade going on a century is what it has felt like for many from Glasgow’s blue side, as at last they are once again perched at the summit of Scottish Football, this the 55th time, a world record.

The coronation of Scotland’s champions came in unfortunate circumstances; Rangers could not capture the title in front of their fans or even on the pitch. A seemingly endless 0-0 draw between Dundee Utd and Celtic saw them crowned with months still to go in the campaign.

It is apt that Rangers’ greatest achievement in decades culminated off the pitch, as so much of the damage done to the club during the same period was inflicted off the pitch by the incompetent board. Forced down to Scottish professional football’s doldrums, Rangers made their way back to being a somewhat recognisable institution in the past few years. That institution is now crystal clear and reminiscent of years past. It would be a lie to say that any Rangers fans predicted a title win in this fashion.

Celebrations occurred despite the advice and guidance of the Government, club, and police. The long wait for silverware and ensuing joy is understandable; however, the context in which we find ourselves means the celebrations have left a distinctly sour taste in the mouth.
A potholed-filled journey with pitstops all across Scotland and Europe, eternally motivated by the light at the end of the road, has finally turned into a smooth procession for Rangers. This season was equally, if not more important, yet far more turbulent for Celtic, who were looking to compete but were left chasing Rangers throughout.
This season’s football is far from over, though there have been confusing accusations and warnings that this fairytale season could be curtailed. If tension spills into a conflict between lockdown-ignoring sects of each clubs’ respective fans, it appears that those in power in Scotland would not hesitate to press the pause button on domestic football.
With the team still yet to lose in the league, Rangers may be able to match the feat of Celtic’s 2016/17 squad with an undefeated league campaign and a final total of over 100 points, though after the draw in March’s Old Firm fixture, cannot match Celtic’s record.

The future appears bright in Govan – Rangers should be expected to remain a credible challenger for the Scottish Premiership in the short and medium-term. Assuming the vaccination programme continues successfully, Rangers fans will hope to have their day to celebrate everything that the 2020-21 season has brought them.

Image: Spartiate1709 via WikiMedia Commons