Re-freshed! A tale of woe

After such a festive and joyous few weeks, as the cold Scottish winter comes into full force, feelings of hope and positivity for the New Year surround us –  we’re excited to return to Uni, see our friends again, and with resolutions that we’ll never keep, bouncing around our heads. 

I shared this attitude of excitement – to get back to my flat, unpack then go out for drinks with my friend, when low and behold… 

I can’t get into my flat!

What a great feeling. Standing with all my bags at my door and an array of Christmas presents including a blender and several bottles of gin, my heart starts sinking and my brain does backflips. My knuckles go red from my continuous door knocking, and peering through the envelope flap doesn’t capture the attention of my flatmates inside. Whilst calling the out of hours number, my flatmates finally let me in!

Fresh Student Living tells me someone will be out in an hour to let me in. One hour turns into two. Two turns into three, eventually becoming 8 hours before someone arrives to tell us ‘I’ve replaced the battery, but it’s still not working so there must be something else wrong with the door’, before walking away and leaving us to a sleepless night, for fear someone could just walk in.

That constant feeling stays at the back of my mind. Considering no one’s at reception (despite 24/7 security being included in my bills) and knowing you can unlock the bin store from the outside – therefore gaining access to the rest of the building – and the door to my block having been broken for months, you can understand my concerns.

It’s been almost two weeks since I returned and over a month since the door has been broken. We have resorted to using bits of tissue and packing tape to stop the door from locking with a doorstop constantly in place.

Finally on Wednesday someone came out to try and fix the door. Again, they were unable to do so.

It seems to be of no concern to Fresh that myself and my other flatmate would still be sitting outside the door waiting for someone to help us two weeks later. Thank goodness our two flatmates stayed here over Christmas or we would be living in the lift for a few weeks!

Imagine if we were in breach of our contract – we’d be fined and threatened with termination of our tenancy – but who cares if Fresh is in breach!

Some advice – if you like bad customer service, breaching contracts and the absence of safety, Fresh Student Living is perfect for you!

Photo via Pixabay