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Rebecca’s round up of the 2016/17 academic year

ByRebecca Izzard

May 10, 2017

It has been a busy year, between the rise of Trump and the possibility that we might soon need our passports to get into Scotland. More importantly, the price of cordial quietly rose by 1500% overnight. You know, the real news.

It’s been a star-studded year in Edinburgh, with the visit of Leonardo di Caprio and the introduction of Edinburgh’s own Ella Wills to Made in Chelsea. The year began  with the filming of the controversial BBC drama, Clique, in the Meadows and around campus.

This has been followed by the eager anticipation for The Avengers filming in Old Town, alongside another drama starring Jodie Whittaker and that guy from The Inbetweeners. All of this filming has resulted in some very grainy images on the Snapchat stories of almost every student at the University of Edinburgh.

The Edinburgh University Students’ Association’s negotiation on a discounted nine-month bus card was introduced at the beginning of the academic year, leaving those in New Town with no excuse for missing their 9 am lectures.

This however, was only the start of their work, among the elimination of card charges in Edinburgh University Students’ Association’s bars and cafes; the opening of new study spaces in the main library and the library finally being open for a full 24 hours a day: a godsend for the insomniacs among us.

All lectures will now be recorded and we get free rides on the 41 bus to King’s – things aren’t looking too shabby. Though, don’t get me started on the library card swipes…

Throughout this year, something wonderful has happened: Appleton Tower has been transformed. Appleton’s transition from eyesore to landmark  could be a metaphor for what we all hope will happen to our grades.

The average student’s scores could also be improved by the installation of the ever contentious nap pods in the library.

They would have been a dream come true after the overnight USA Election viewing, or for many students working into the early hours of the morn on their essays and assignments.

It has been a pretty good year, really. There have been the usual highs and the usual low temperatures. But don’t worry, even though we still don’t have Bristo Square back, it’s not all doom and gloom; Obama is coming to Edinburgh this May.


image: kolibri5

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